Crazy Labs//Radiology

This section/post will keep a list of the craziest labs we’ve seen in our emergency department. I’ll start…

1/10/11 – Ammonia of 468 in a 62yo M with non-ETOH liver cirrhosis, without lactulose x2days, presenting with altered mental status.

1/19/11 – Lipase of 5770 (amylase of 2000) in a 60yo F, ?hx of etoh use, presenting with change in mental status and abdominal pain. CT abdomen consistent with acute pancreatitis.

6/27 – WBC 0.0, plt 1000 in a 65yo M with AML and presenting with neutropenic fever!

Want to see all the images on this blog?! Check out Radiology finds here!


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