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EKG 1 belongs to a 41yo M no PMhx presenting with CP since last Nite. Worse with laying down. Improved with sitting up. Currently having 8/10  CP.


EKG 2 belongs to a 50 yr old man presenting with CP x1hour. Onset while doing heavy lifting at home. Actively having CP.


Read the EKG and make a decision – to cath or not to cath?! If cath, name the potential culprit lesion.


what am i?!

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What is the diagnosis?!

What is the treatment?!

What is the feared complication?!




Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus!

Most feared complication – blindness in the affected eye.

Management – PO/IV antivirals (acyclovir), CLOSE OPHTHALMOLOGY FU!

The stroke of insight.

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A fascinating TED talk from a neuroanatomist who studied her own stroke as it happened!